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      Anyone know where I can track down some Berlioz notes?? Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated:)

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      i have a load of notes i could e-mail to u if you want???


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      If you could email them to me you’d be a life saver :)

      Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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      thats grand ha is it urgent tho coz i might not b able to send them till monday…if so il try get it done earlier:)

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      Define urgent??? Well no it isn’t mostly focusing on practical at the mo so monday is totally grand !!!!!!! Again…I owe you :)

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      haha dats cool dnt worry bout it….wat ya doin for the practicals????:D

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      I’m playing 4 pieces on the piano and I’m doing that computer thing as well:) I can’t believe there so close!!!!! So much practice that needs to be done !!!!! You?? :)

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      I’m doin 4 voice ahhh! haha….and den the sibelius as well its kinda easy wen ya get used to it lol

      sent some notes on to u today just get back to me with what else u need:-)

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      any possibilty I can get notes on Berlioz please? It’s the only one I don’t get apart from Deane.
      pretty please

Viewing 8 reply threads
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