Anyone Sitting the HPAT this year? or have you already sat it? id love your help

Leaving Cert & Junior Cert exam Q&A Subjects HPAT Anyone Sitting the HPAT this year? or have you already sat it? id love your help

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      So i didnt get into medicine last year, but im doing science and then hopefully will attempt to get into med somehow.

      Right now im doing a research project in relation to the HPAT exam.

      If you’ve sat it id love to hear your thoughts on it; was it what you thought it would be? was it difficult? do you think it’s relevant or is it some mad idea to conteract some deeper issues with the medical entry in Ireland?

      If your GOING to sit it,what are your feelings about it right now?

      any feedback is great help,the more the better,ofcourse this is confidential.

      i though this would be the perfect site for this.

      Thank you in advance !

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      i sat the hpat last year and got 208 I used med entry prep course.

      Whats your research aim…

      i think its a tough but fair exam and a good idea to help lower points for med..

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      First off, thanks !!

      I cant say too much at this stage but i’m comparing different entry routes into medicine in different countries.

      Do you think it’s relevant though? I mean, the test material;is it really able to test if you’ll make a decent doctor ?

      In America, the hpat type exam is taken after 4 years of a BSc degree, the questions on that test are based on bio,chem and physics,along with english….i understand this as a strong science background is necessary for medicine….


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      Ya i definitly think it is a good idea to ensure future doctors can properly deal with patients and arent jus walking encylopedias.. Though I do think a similar test should be introduced for entry into more courses like teaching nursing SLT OT Physio etc to ensure people doing these courses are siuted to them IE. a test to ensure a person is good at explainig and sstuff to be a teacher would be good I dont think it should be just for med you have to do an aptitude test…I also dont think its necessary to be brillint at chem or physics to study medicine if you are good at biology and fairly good at chem its enough i dont think doing an entire science degree before entering is at all necessary

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      weea.c1 thank you so much! Appreciate all that you’ve said,i agree with you in that other tests should perhaps be introduced for entry into other degrees also…and i also agree that a strong science background may not be necessary :D thanks again!

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      Hi there,

      I plan to sit the Hpat exam in Febuary and to be honest I’m quite nervous about it..I suppose though it’s probably because I’m not 100% certain if I’d like to do Medicine…but also I wasn’t available to attend the Hpat prep course in I’m a little bit anxious about the whole thing..I think it is a good way to see of medicine actually suits the person…because there are many doctors out there that shouldnt be doctors…not that they are unable but simply don’t have the traits or personality of a good doctor…i also agree with weea.c1 about bringing in a similar test for different courses…

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      hey guys :-) I’m also going to sit HPAT in February in 2011… I’m thinking of doing a preparation course, probably the Med-Entry one. I heard people saying that these workshops are brilliant but unfortunately the price of it is very high… :( That is why I’m looking for a person with whom I could register for this course and get a group discount ( €350)…

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      thank you both once again!

      hmeva: i did a prep course in the IOE lesson street, it cost 300 euros total for a two day workshop :D try the institute! :D

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