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      I spend 2-3 hours every evening on my homework alone and sometimes I am still working into all hours of the night. My schedule has literally become: Get up,Eat,Go to school,COme home,DO homework,Eat,Homework,Study,Bed. I always knew that leaving cert was going to be hard work but absolutly no free time is not on! I am stressed to the last and cant find a way around it…..Any suggestions how to at least reduce the amount of strees?

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      well y u spendin so much time studyin???
      r u doin it properly or r u wastin time???
      maybe u shud go to aftreskul study if they du it in ur skul cuz u cant diss or distrct urself!!! i find it very handy!!!

      o ye u shud at lesat guve urself 1 or 2 nites off ur study a week ul b wrecked!!!!!!!

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      I find evening study is very good, especially if you find it hard to concentrate. It might be an idea.

      The other thing I’d say is to buy study books (such as RapidRevision). I find these EXTREMELY useful, i cudn’t live without them. :P

      It is important to remember that the more stressed you are, the less you will remember. I shouldn’t say this, but skip pointless homework! I only ever skip irish – but it saves loads of time for study.

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      i was having the same trouble. i give up all my sports for study but after 3 weeks i was stressed like mad. just go for 15 min jog…or join a team its only one night a week but it helps loads

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      Number one, you have to be motivated.

      Number two, revision books are useless if you cant concentrate and some of the stuff in revision books doesnt cover important sections of subjects comprehensively so thats a total no no.

      Thirdly, you have to get into your head when enough is enough and dont be pressurising your self to do more.



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